The Story of the Pure Robbie Williams Travelling Banner

Melbourne - Jackieblue, sharlene 1965, sugarjay, nina love robbiesome surfer dudes

IntroductionBy Aussiemum – the 1st day of the rest of our lives!

September 2006 is where it all began for me – and how my life has changed since then! Where did it begin – and who is it about? Is it an obsession; is it all a bit strange? We can’t answer that question but there’s one thing for sure, we’re loving it, – the best site on the internet.

I stumbled across the site in September 2006, doing a google search for Robbie Williams as he was going to tour in Australia, being a fan, and not having ever been to a huge concert before I secured myself a ticket. Didn’t mind going by myself but curiosity got the better of me and found this forum and watched and read for a while. I finally posted, feeling like a right twat being 42 and all and thinking that I was the only over 30 going.

Before you know it I was addicted to the site, I was welcomed by everyone there and made to feel a part of a lovely community which consisted of many different people of different ages from all over the world with a common interest.

So there the first banner began, my overactive mind got to thinking about making a tee-shirt for the concert which somehow turned in to a banner which turned in to a banner that would travel to all of Rob’s Aussie concerts. And to think I was scared to post on the site to start with! Everyone on the site jumped on board and took the ride with me and so the Sisterhood of the Travelling Banner began.

I made the banner and posted a picture on a new thread – somewhere in the midst of making it the idea of the sisterhood of the traveling pants movie came to mind, and the wording for the banner consisted of a favourite monty python quote “he’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy” – which fitted in well with Rob’s Sin ,Sin, Sin pictures – eventually Rob became “the messiah” and “the sisterhood of the traveling banner” began.

Everyone on the site joined in the fun. The banner was sent from Sydney to Perth on 12th November, 2006 – ready for its first concert experience with members Noodle and Katie. It was decided that whichever concert the banner went to that all the PR members in that state would get together to meet each other, take a photo and post it on the site and the rest of the members could follow its journey.

Sydney Concert December 2006

In this way a lot of the members on the site joined together to share their concert experiences and get a chance to meet each other, those that couldn’t make it could still join in on the excitement.

The banner was then sent back to me in Sydney where all the Sydney PR members arranged a meet at Fox Studios for the first concert. How unusual to meet a bunch of people that I’d only chatted to on the internet – very scary, but heeps of fun. I think everyone was a bit hesitant but we have become great friends and haven’t looked back since.

From Sydney the banner then travelled to Brisbane, and Melbourne, unfortunately time ran out for us to send it to the Adelaide concert.

Left to right: dj, friend and jmh

The banner is posted on !!

We have had countless meets, each one more fun than the last and two years on we are still going strong, friendships with overseas peeps, other peeps PR meetings in Amsterdam, UK meets at Port Vale and smaller ones all over the country.

This banner, the travelling banner, continues where my original left off………Australia and the rest of the world.

Pure Robbie Does the World
by nicetolookat

Aussiemum and I were talking on msn messenger one day/afternoon, depends on what continent you are on, and I mentioned how cool it would be if I could sign her banner. Aussie agreed and considered sending it to me, but I was worried it might get lost in the mail and what a tragedy that would be, so Aussie decided to make another banner that I could sign and from thereit was decided that it should travel the world going to Pure Robbie meets getting signed and photographed in all the unique places it ends up.

Sydney meet - Leanne-00, kizza, aussiemum, Sherbee

Tasmania - Sexy Stick

Wait awhiles - Danielle, noodle, SherbeeRoo Bee

More Wait awhiles - Missy Jones, Kims685, noodle, Danielle, Sherbee

The banner left Australia and headed to the United Kingdom to TheMissus. She will be taking it to SoccerAid to be signed by the members at the game. And we all are hoping it is spotted by the sites name sake, if not in person perhaps on his own television.

TheMissus and the banner

The banner made it to Soccer Aid and was signed by most of the Pure Robbie members that attendd. TheMissus had front row seats in the stadium and hung the banner over the railing. The banner was seen on tv at least once and the excitement on the site by the members watching on tv and internet feed was great. We all felt like we were at the game, almost

Pure Robbie girls meet before the game to sign the banner - Tasha, bittersweet, TheMissus, gurunessbrownie, Robroy, Pheonixflame.

TheMissus, Tasha, Vicky D

The banner was spotted on tv.

The Netherlands is the next stop for the banner and plans are already in the works for the meet up.

Many members have taken the banner around their town or country or shared pictures of where they live. Not only has it been fun to watch the travels of the banner, it has been fun to learn about places we may never get to see. For more excitement and pictures of the banner, the meets and the places it has been visit Pure Robbie Does The World. Become part of the fun, and arrange a meet up.

On a personal note I have been having a lot of fun with this project. Aussiemum and I plan the stops together and then "worry" that it will make to the next stop and on time. Watching the progression of the banners travels on the map is exciting, and as someone said, "I am jealous of a piece of cloth" There has been a lot of fun during the meets, see the opening picture, and a lot of interesting people have gotten involved.

The best part of this whole adventure is it reafirms all the friends I have made on Pure Robbie. How the site has come together as the meets have been planned. Each new set of pictures reinvigorates the banners "cause"....Pure Robbie brought us together and Robbie Williams brought us Pure Robbie.

Even Robbie's alter ego has his own pin.

Soccer Aid on September 7th ITV

Robbie Williams reflects on his Soccer Aid experience

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