Why Robbie Williams has no NEED for revenge!

Why do the tabloids keep creating imaginary feuds between Robbie Williams and Take That?

When they did it in the summer I blogged it here

Now they're at it again.... apparently Robbie is planning a £150 million revenge tour *yawn*

Don't the tabloids realise what fools they make of themselves?...... if only they researched a little they'd discover Robbie's latest tour blew Take That's away..... not bad for someone who needs a comeback huh?

Dear tabloids..... Rob's been on a year long break, the only thing he's coming back from is his holidays.....

why Robbie Williams does not need revenge against Take That's success.....

The following quote is courtesy of Scotty from http://www.buzzjack.com

"Starting off with the massive hit that was Patience up against the massive flop that the single Rudebox apperently was.

Patience went #1 in 4 countries and top 5 in four more, Rudebox went #1 in 8 countries (twice more) and top 5 in a further nine.

Lovelight top 5 in 10 charts, Shine top 5 in four.

TT's latest single 'I'd Wait For Life' didn't go top 10 anywhere in the world, whilst She's Madonna was the biggest selling and most played track in all of Europe topping 3 charts, and going top 10 in a further 15 places.

Now lets compare the albums.

Rudebox, the album that got zero promo went to number one in 14 countries, BW, an album with more promo than any other I can ever remember, only did in one country (the UK).

Rudebox was the 18th best selling album worldwide of 2006 (and the biggest selling album by a solo artist outside the USA) whilst BW wasn't even top 50.

BW sold 2.2m copies worldwide, a little over 400,000 outside the UK, Rudebox sold over twice that amount worldwide (4.5m) and a massive ten times more copies outside the UK.

Now the tours........

1) In the UK TT will be playing 28 dates, 517,000 people to an average of 18,000 each night - Robbie played to 625,000 people, only having to put on nine dates, and an average of just under 70,000 people a night.

2) TT's European Tour - They are playing 15 dates, with an expected audience of 159,000 for all the dates combined, and an average of 10,600 people per night.

Robbie however, is in the Guinness Book Of Records for selling out all his tickets in record time. In Europe (not counting the UK), he played to a total of near 2 MILLION people over 30 dates, so an average attendence of 66,600 people.

A massive difference there yet again. And then of course outside Europe, where TT's album and singles did so badly they have'nt even bothered touring anywhere. Whilst Rob played to near 1 million people between Australia, South Africa, Mexico, South America and Dubai, breaking endless records on the way including having the most successful concert tour in the history of Australia (just under 500,000 people) as well as the biggest concert ever in Dubai."

2008 musical comeback for Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is reportedly planning a huge musical comeback in 2008

The singer– who recently came to the end of his four-year recording deal with EMI - is said to be so jealous of his former Take That bandmates success he is plotting his revenge by planning a comeback of his own.

A source close to the singer said: “Things haven’t been going that well for Robbie recently and he’s been having a bit of a break from recording.

“His last album, ‘Rudebox’, was panned by critics, which was made worse by the fact Take That are doing so well, without him.

“Robbie has now decided enough is enough and it’s time to reclaim his crown. He is working on new material and he reckons this is the best stuff he has ever come up with. There could even be another hit like ‘Angels’.”

Robbie’s comeback plans come as Take That are reaching new heights with their reunion.

Their track ‘Rule The World’, written for the film ‘Stardust’, is hotly tipped to be nominated for Best songat the Oscars, while their album ‘Beautiful World’ is still in eighth position in the UK album charts – despite being released over a year ago.

Frontman Gary Barlow recently rubbished rumours Robbie – who quit the group in 1995 - would be rejoining the band for a one-off performance, saying: “There is no place for Robbie in Take That anymore.”


Oh for the last time this year......... HE WAS ON A BREAK!!!!

Image courtesy of Nina Rudenko and BBC Stoke

Robbie Williams' 2007 in review

LA Vale's victory, meeting the stunning Ayda Fields, growing a beard, appearing on Mark Ronson's Version and Dean Martin's Forever, performing live in LA doesn't quite sound like a man on a break does it?

We assumed 2007 would be a quiet year for Robbie Williams since he finished a massive world tour at the end of 2006 and started 2007 by taking a huge, and brave step into rehab but he has still managed to top the charts, be the hottest male celeb for the journalists to drag out into their headlines whilst fitting in numerous gestures of charity.

What are your greatest Robbie moments of 2007?

Let us know here at www.purerobbie.com

Robbie Williams - Britains favourite guy!!!

A recent survey found Robbie Williams is Britain's favourite good guy!

Charlotte Church's boyfriend Gavin Henson has been named the nation's favourite bad boy. The 25-year-old Welsh international beat rocker Pete Doherty and I'm a Celebrity contestant Mark Bannerman in a poll of 2007's biggest Badfellas.

Henson and three friends have been summoned to court next month after allegedly getting drunk on a train. His club, the Ospreys, say he will deny charges of behaving in a disorderly manner. His singer girlfriend gave birth to their daughter Ruby in September.

Brad Pitt was voted the film star Badfella of the year and Labour trio Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Prescott took the top spots in politics.

The survey found Robbie Williams was Britain's favourite good guy.

Mel Gibson made a comeback to be named movie Goodfella of 2007 and David Beckham came top in sport. London Mayor Ken Livingstone won for politics and Sir Trevor McDonald was voted TV Goodfella.

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Charitable Robbie Williams' Christmas gift

Robbie Williams spent Christmas day feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. The 33-year-old singer has volunteered to spend Christmas and Boxing Day serving food and singing Christmas carols at the Union Rescue Mission in the 'Skid Row' part of town. Raymond Terry, who first brought Williams to the refuge on San Pedro Street, said, "If it's better to give than to receive, then this is the most satisfying way to spend Christmas. Robbie does an awful lot of charity work. And this is really close to his heart. Everybody I've taken to 'Skid Row' is moved to tears." One of the homeless men said, "Most of the guys over here don't really know who Robbie is. But there's a lot of excitement in the air, because they've been told he is a big pop star in Europe."

Parkinson memories: Robbie Williams

Parkinson - The Final Show
Saturday 22 December 2007 10:15pm - 11:20pm on ITV1.

10th December 2005 part 1

part 2


Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea (Live @ Parkinson Show)

In the final of three specials that celebrate and conclude the final ever series of Parkinson, this show will be the last to be filmed after four decades of truly mesmerising chat.

Michael Parkinson will be in the studio taking a fond and poignant look back at all the truly great guests he's had on his show over the years. Personally picking all the clips himself, they'll show us why his chat show is littered with golden TV moments.

The guests read like a who's who of popular culture of the last thirty years, and many of the encounters have attained legendary status: Muhammad Ali, Fred Astaire, Richard Burton and Orson Welles, to name but a few.

Parkinson first became established as a regular fixture on Saturday night television in the early 1970s and during Michael's long tenure as Britain's premier talk show host he undertook thousands of interviews.

The show arrived at ITV in 2004 after over three decades at the BBC. Since then he's welcomed many of the world's biggest stars to the programme including Tom Cruise, Madonna, John Travolta, Tony Blair, Sir Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Robbie Williams, Lauren Bacall, Sir Paul McCartney, Bette Midler and Kate Winslet.

"The final show is a reminder of how lucky and privileged I have been to meet so many fascinatingly talented people. Fred Astaire to Nureyev, Ali to Ricky Hatton, Best to Beckham, Cagney to Cruise, Ingrid Bergmann to Cate Blanchett, Jack Benny to Billy Connolly. I shall miss it," says Michael Parkinson.

Director of Entertainment and Comedy Paul Jackson says: "As someone who worked with Michael in a very junior role in the 1970s and was involved in bringing him back to prime-time television in the 1990s, I have been delighted to work with him once again in these last three years at ITV.

"He has defined the talk show in British television and no-one has come near to equalling his record. His name is synonymous throughout the English speaking world as a benchmark for integrity and quality in the genre and being invited to appear on his show is a recognised landmark in any star's career."

Mark Wells, Executive Producer of Parkinson, says: "Truly, this is the end of an era. Michael Parkinson is one of the giants of broadcasting, his skills as a talk show host are quite simply the best in the world. The Parkinson show has been a part of the British Saturday night for so long, it's hard to imagine life without it."

Michael Parkinson is a true TV legend, and one who will be greatly missed by everyone, so sit back and enjoy one final time: Parkinson, the man, the conversation, the stars.


Brand new Robbie Williams tunes for 2008

New Robbie Williams Song - In and out of love

New Robbie Williams song for 2008 - Break America


Robbie Williams has given fans a special Christmas present this year - two brand new songs plus a new remix!

Inner Sanctum members can download the three songs direct from the official site, and personally, I think they are well worth it !!

So, download today then come along to Pure Robbie and let us know what you think.

Robbie gets an apology from The Mirror!!!!

Several weeks ago the press was full of stories about how Robbie was supposidly conned out of thousands of pounds by two friends in order that they could set up their own business.

The majority of Robbie fans considered this to be a total fabrication, and it seems that we were right!!

The Mirror has now been forced to apologise to Robbie over the allegations (although it is a shame they couldn't put it on the front page).

They made the following statement today.

"In an article entitled 'Fleeced: Robbie hit by £200,000 con' (31/10/2007) we reported that Robbie had given money to friends after they begged for help in setting up a fashion label but they then blew the cash on partying. Whilst Robbie was asked for cash he never gave or contributed any money to friends or associates to assist them in establishing a fashion label. We are happy to set the record straight."

Family Christmas for Robbie


Most dads look forward to seeing their kids at Christmas, but for Pete Conway, right, it means jetting off to sunny Los Angeles.Robbie Williams' dad will be spending a Californian-style Christmas and New Year with him.

"I always look forward to spending Christmas with my son," he said.

"I'm flying out at the weekend and I'm spending Christmas and New Year in Los Angeles with Robbie.

"The weather is certainly a lot better there than it is here, but then the weather is better almost anywhere other than here. I like the snow, but I prefer the warm sunshine.

"I've been going over there at Christmas for a couple of years now, and I really enjoy it. We actually have a very quiet time - it's not what everyone imagines Christmas in Los Angeles to be like.

"Rob doesn't drink, so it certainly won't be a boozy Christmas.

"It will just be a nice family Christmas with my lad."


Robbie Williams spotted in LA

Robbie Williams headed out with pal Max Beesley do a spot of Christmas shopping at The Grove in LA yesterday, picking up items at Nordstrom and Abercrombie and Fitch.

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Robbie Williams Art Auction

“A money can’t buy chromaline Robbie Williams artwork of “Intensive Care”

Wave 105 Whizz-Kidz is being held this Thursday 13th December from 8am on the UK radio station wave105.

The phone number for auction on the day will be 0844 850 1050. The auction for this Robbie Williams item will be open all day.

We hope fans from www.purerobbie.com will get involved to help raise money for charity. 

Fans can listen in at http://www.wave105.com where hopefully you'll here a shoutout to Pure Robbie's fans from the auction hosts.

Happy bidding!

Time for Robbie Williams?

Tonight, 10pm (GMT) Sky One Robbie Williams live from the Albert Hall in HD

Never touch that switch remix: Robbie Williams

This is an advance promotion video for .Kota's upcoming full-time DJ Mix, "60 MINUTES."


Never Touch That Switch (Switch Remix) // Robbie Williams
Worry About it Later (Switch Remix - .Kota Edit) // The Futureheads
Motorcycle Wet (Clutch Short Edit) // Alex Gopher
Zdarlight Avenue // Eddy Grant VS. Digitalism
Clubmusica (.Kota Get Together Mix) // DJ Berdy
Testarossa (Sebastian Remix) // Kavinsky
Ah Ah (Shinichi Osawa Remix) // Anna Tsuchiya
D.A.N.C.E. Around the World (.Kota Mash) // Justice VS Nicky Van She

Robbie Williams v Nigel Martin Smith

Robbie Williams has apologised in the High Court and agreed to pay undisclosed damages to former Take That manager Nigel Martin Smith over an allegation in song lyrics suggesting he had stolen funds from the band.

David Sherborne, counsel for Mr Martin Smith, told Mr Justice Tugendhat, sitting in London: "Last year, it was reported in the Press that Robbie Williams had made a number of outrageous allegations about Nigel Martin Smith in the lyrics to one of his songs on his latest album, Rudebox.

"One of these allegations suggested that Nigel Martin Smith had stolen funds whilst managing Take That.

"Robbie Williams wishes to make it clear to his fans, and the public at large, that he did not intend these lyrics to be taken at face value or as a serious statement by him of the views which he holds of Nigel Martin Smith.

"Specifically, Robbie Williams did not intend to allege that Nigel Martin Smith has ever stolen any funds from Take That or anyone."

The judge was told that "Robbie has agreed to pay to Nigel damages and to discharge the costs to which he has been forced in relation to this publication".

The damages figure was not revealed in court.

Here's the missing lyrics

90's lyrics


Now i'm managed by a prick
& i'm 16 & chubby

Told me to lose 20lbs
or you're not Robbie

If i see you with a girl
you're gunna be sorry

if you dont sign this contract
get your bags from the lobby

He's such an evil man
I used to fantisize

i'd take a stanley knife
and go play with his eyes

I preyed to the lord
he didnt have any children,

he didn't spot Elvis leaving the building.

Either you’re a thief or you’re shit
which one will you admit?

Robbie Williams Milton Keynes Bowl 14/9/06

Watch it here

Discuss it here

10th Anniversary for Angels

1st December 2007 marked the 10th anniversary of the release of Angels.

This single release ensured that Robbie Williams, solo artist, was here to stay.

To celebrate the event, Pure Robbie have a special Angels edition of Pure Robbie World.

The magazine contains articles about Angels, a review of the Angels DVD and a comparison of the UK and US video's. There are also screen-caps of the two video's.

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UB40 VS Robbie Williams

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