Charitable Robbie Williams' Christmas gift

Robbie Williams spent Christmas day feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. The 33-year-old singer has volunteered to spend Christmas and Boxing Day serving food and singing Christmas carols at the Union Rescue Mission in the 'Skid Row' part of town. Raymond Terry, who first brought Williams to the refuge on San Pedro Street, said, "If it's better to give than to receive, then this is the most satisfying way to spend Christmas. Robbie does an awful lot of charity work. And this is really close to his heart. Everybody I've taken to 'Skid Row' is moved to tears." One of the homeless men said, "Most of the guys over here don't really know who Robbie is. But there's a lot of excitement in the air, because they've been told he is a big pop star in Europe."


TraceyDeakin said...

You Beauty! This is the best news. This is the best thing Rob could be doing. Giving to others selflessly is the best feeling in the world and more than makes up for the bum deal of brain chemistry. Hope he does more of it. Am a social worker and do it for a living. Never been happier and I hope he finds the same levels of joy I have. Hearing this has made my day!! Another Xmas Prayer answered. Good luck to him. Love his new look as well. Tracey Deakin

TraceyDeakin said...

You Beauty. Best news heard all year. Am a social worker - do this for a living. Giving to others sure beats the rubbish our brain chemistry can dish up. Hopefully he'll get addicted to altruism instead and be happy. I wish him all the best. Love his new look. Beard makes him look more sophisticated and manly and intelligent. He looks like a husband instead of a playboy. Another Xmas prayer answered. Woo Hoo. Tracey Deakin