Brand new Robbie Williams tunes for 2008

New Robbie Williams Song - In and out of love

New Robbie Williams song for 2008 - Break America

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TraceyDeakin said...

Can I make a suggestion without being rude? Would love to hear In and Out of Love in a minor key and slower, more anthemic, sadder - cause it's a sad topic. Americans love anthemic music which reeks of power...which is why Rob has not broken america. Americans are all about the ego and Break America - bring up the strings, bring up the percussion and really drive it. They'll go nuts for it. Anyone who breaks America is anthemic in musical phrasing. Be it ballads, rock, pop, country. They also love generalizations and not personal truth. Lyrically, personal truth is hard to relate to on a wide scale. To shift units in America you have to tap into their culture, like Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison did and Elvis did. Identify what's happening to the people and write about it for them. Give the people a voice - don't write lyrically about your own pesonal problems....write about their problems on masse. That's why Angels was a huge success. It reached so many people. I can't believe I've got the opportunity to say something to someone about this. Kylie will never break America because she writes for the Brittish Psyche which is sex starved....she writes what the Brits want to hear and wish they could be......get in touch with the American Psyche and exploit it to the nth degree. Americans love tragedy, heroes, power, ego and pathos. Kurt, Jim and Elvis were all that to millions of people. Rob can do it to with a little bit of insight and psychology. Write in a powerful manner with drive and you'll crack America in no time. Drop the synthesizers to the rear as minor beats and pump up the strings and percussion. INXS were so powerful in America because of their rhythm, without their rhythm they were nothing....when they dropped their rhymthm and focused on melody they dropped out of sight from the American market. U2 pinched Stuart Adamsom's anthemic guitar style and never looked back. Ask The Edge about it. I'm listening to Stuart Adamson now. Miss his genius terribly. (He committed suicide in 2001 in Hawaii through Alcohol problems). He penned the Greenday/U2 song The Saints are Coming. He was the lead singer of Big Country. Hope I'm not offending. I just think about Music all the time although I write classical occasionally. Listen to Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt" for anthemic and very raw lyrics and styles. If Rob covered that he would crack the country wide open at the moment. Because of the mood and the way the people feel. Heavy synth music doesn't do it for the Americans. Might work here in Australia and Britain but not there. I like the songs though and am just providing feedback. Rob's doing fine with what he's doing....just thought I'd say what I've been thinking about why he failed to crack America.