Family Christmas for Robbie


Most dads look forward to seeing their kids at Christmas, but for Pete Conway, right, it means jetting off to sunny Los Angeles.Robbie Williams' dad will be spending a Californian-style Christmas and New Year with him.

"I always look forward to spending Christmas with my son," he said.

"I'm flying out at the weekend and I'm spending Christmas and New Year in Los Angeles with Robbie.

"The weather is certainly a lot better there than it is here, but then the weather is better almost anywhere other than here. I like the snow, but I prefer the warm sunshine.

"I've been going over there at Christmas for a couple of years now, and I really enjoy it. We actually have a very quiet time - it's not what everyone imagines Christmas in Los Angeles to be like.

"Rob doesn't drink, so it certainly won't be a boozy Christmas.

"It will just be a nice family Christmas with my lad."


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