Why Robbie Williams has no NEED for revenge!

Why do the tabloids keep creating imaginary feuds between Robbie Williams and Take That?

When they did it in the summer I blogged it here

Now they're at it again.... apparently Robbie is planning a £150 million revenge tour *yawn*

Don't the tabloids realise what fools they make of themselves?...... if only they researched a little they'd discover Robbie's latest tour blew Take That's away..... not bad for someone who needs a comeback huh?

Dear tabloids..... Rob's been on a year long break, the only thing he's coming back from is his holidays.....

why Robbie Williams does not need revenge against Take That's success.....

The following quote is courtesy of Scotty from http://www.buzzjack.com

"Starting off with the massive hit that was Patience up against the massive flop that the single Rudebox apperently was.

Patience went #1 in 4 countries and top 5 in four more, Rudebox went #1 in 8 countries (twice more) and top 5 in a further nine.

Lovelight top 5 in 10 charts, Shine top 5 in four.

TT's latest single 'I'd Wait For Life' didn't go top 10 anywhere in the world, whilst She's Madonna was the biggest selling and most played track in all of Europe topping 3 charts, and going top 10 in a further 15 places.

Now lets compare the albums.

Rudebox, the album that got zero promo went to number one in 14 countries, BW, an album with more promo than any other I can ever remember, only did in one country (the UK).

Rudebox was the 18th best selling album worldwide of 2006 (and the biggest selling album by a solo artist outside the USA) whilst BW wasn't even top 50.

BW sold 2.2m copies worldwide, a little over 400,000 outside the UK, Rudebox sold over twice that amount worldwide (4.5m) and a massive ten times more copies outside the UK.

Now the tours........

1) In the UK TT will be playing 28 dates, 517,000 people to an average of 18,000 each night - Robbie played to 625,000 people, only having to put on nine dates, and an average of just under 70,000 people a night.

2) TT's European Tour - They are playing 15 dates, with an expected audience of 159,000 for all the dates combined, and an average of 10,600 people per night.

Robbie however, is in the Guinness Book Of Records for selling out all his tickets in record time. In Europe (not counting the UK), he played to a total of near 2 MILLION people over 30 dates, so an average attendence of 66,600 people.

A massive difference there yet again. And then of course outside Europe, where TT's album and singles did so badly they have'nt even bothered touring anywhere. Whilst Rob played to near 1 million people between Australia, South Africa, Mexico, South America and Dubai, breaking endless records on the way including having the most successful concert tour in the history of Australia (just under 500,000 people) as well as the biggest concert ever in Dubai."


chaliasmom said...

Why would Robbie even care what anyone on the planet is doing, Take That included? If he is doing anything in 2008 or 9 it will be because he want's to - not because he envies someone else's succes. No one will ever get close to his succes as a musician, songwriter, entertainer or be as sexy as him.

Laura said...

Can't argue facts. Great blog. Tabloids that may be reading. How about some real research for a change. The music world does exist outside the UK.

TraceyDeakin said...

I guess "Take That" up the rear to all the tabloids pretty much sums it up. Don't you?