Robbie Williams Street Art

This artist appeared in town set up a frame, got out his box of paints, pressed a button and played a song, Robbie Williams I'm loving Angles and Elvis, Love me Tender.

By the time the songs had finished so had he to loud applause.

He never spoke a word and worked so fast and free

children laughed and stared in awe

LA Premier League XII All Stars

Now that the 12th season of the LA Premier League is officially over its time to hand out the awards. LA Vale, being season champions, its no surprise that a handful of awards were given out to the players:

Vale manager/coach/player extraordinaire, Dean Jacobs, received Honourable Mentions for Forward and the more prestigious Manager of the Year.

The No. 8 player from the midwest, Seth Modersohn, received the Midfield award, while striker Chris Roselli picked up the award for playing Forward.

Nick Emmerson picked up the award for Defense.

Last but certainly not least and probably most important to Vales success, the great LA Vale catchers, Rocco Santangelo, Connor Shilcock-Elliot and Adam Throop picked up the much deserved Golden Glove award for their gripping goalkeeper skills.

These awards are the perfect finale to LA Vale's phenomenal unbeaten first season success in the LA Premier League.

Full details of the awards can be seen here

report by RF4L, Pure Robbie LA Vale Reporter

Robbie's new voice ?

Its amazing what you can find on youtube, when you search for Robbie Williams. Here is a little gem of a montage that is sure to bring a smile to your face :D

Robbie Williams & Jonathan Wilkes

Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes on S.M.T.V Singing Me & My Shadow.

To take away that Sunday boredom......

Robbie Williams ex moves into the neighbourhood

Today's Mirror reveals the LA homes of the Spice Girls as they prepare for their upcoming tour. Suprisingly Geri Halliwell, who was rumoured to have had a fling with Robbie Williams at the turn of the millenium, opted for a mansion close to Rob's in LA.

From The Mirror: GERI
Where: Hollywood Hills; RENT: £10,500 a week; BEDROOMS: Five; BATHROOMS: Seven; NEIGHBOURS: Robbie Williams and Rod Stewart
Geri Halliwell, 35, takes the prize for the most opulent pad, boasting a master bedroom with a ceiling painted in the style of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Geri moved in last month with year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna. There is also a cinema and a games room.

What with Paul Mckenna and Clare Staples moving around the corner from Rob in the near future Rob'll be in Little Britain again......

Just step away from the dressing up box Rob ;)

Pure Robbie reveals Robbie's new album?

As you can imagine, yesterdays news of Robbie Williams recording his latest album in a pyramid sent Pure Robbie members wild with excitement. We needed to know more!

So Pure Robbie members and Staff have been hunting high and low across the globe to find more information on this unique venture. Thanks to our member and Robbie Reporter Susanna, Pure Robbie can now exclusively reveal details of Robbie's new project.

It seems the photoshoot has already been completed and the track listing finalised. It looks like it could be out in time for Christmas so we all know what we will now be asking Santa for!

Another Pure Robbie exclusive - You read it here first!

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Don't you just love the Sunday tabloids....... this made us laugh out loud

Sunday people:



By Alice Walker & Emma Donnan

Pop pharaoh ROBBIE WILLIAMS is planning to record part of his next album inside an ancient Egyptian PYRAMID. Experts told the singer the acoustics in the 4,500-year-old monuments are amazing. And Robbie, 33 - whose hits include Angels, Millennium and Come Undone - is ready to jet off to Cairo in a fortnight for a test run at the Great Pyramid of Giza. If it works out, the album could put Tutankhamun's world-famous golden treasures in the shade. A source told ViP: "Robbie has heard the chamber of the Great Pyramid has the best acoustics in the world. "He's going to go and sing a few notes in there to see if the sound is as impressive as expected. He wants to use it as a temporary studio. And he reckons it really will make him Tut of the Pops." The source added: "The plan will go into full swing if he likes what he hears. "But he already reckons the exotic location combined with the history is the way forward. "And the video for the first single may even be made there too." The Robster is currently working on the new album in Los Angeles with ace producer MARK RONSON. His old songwriting partner GUY CHAMBERS - who he ditched in 2002 in a row about money - is also helping out after the pair buried the hatchet earlier this year. But the source told us: "Robbie wants to take it that step further by adding a personal touch to the recording - something that no one else has done before."

To help you get started, Robbie, here's a few of your old hits to get you in the mood...







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first entry. Kamel Killer


Ok own up.......... who left this in the site's carpark?

Robbie Williams' tour pay proves he's still on top of his game

Robbie Williams earned an incredible £32,200,163 in just NINE MONTHS from his world tour. His music business - The In Good Company Co Limited - made the payment to him for the period March 31 to December 31 2006. During those nine months Robbie, 33, sang at 44 gigs in 14 countries to 2.6million fans - a schedule that left him hooked on anti-depressants and checking into rehab. He later confessed: "I'm not built for it." But documents at Companies House prove the concerts netted the LA-based star nearly as much as he earned over the previous four years.

Former Take That star Robbie has now pocketed £67,811,209 from his business since it was set up in March 2002 after he signed with the EMI record label.One industry insider said: "People often say that Robbie is on the way out, especially after his last album Rudebox was panned by the critics."But this just proves that he's still got what it takes to earn big money."

Robbie Williams with Ayda Field & new beard

Great to see Robbie Williams around and about again, and lovely to see Ayda Field by his side once more.

What's with the beard though Rob? We're still undecided about it....

Read the full article here and let us know what you think of his hairiness

Laura Critchley on Robbie Williams

Spotted: Robbie Williams

If things wern't spooky enough around since Hallowilliams we seem to have solved the 'where's Robbie' puzzle.

Apparently he teamed up with The Mirror's 3am witches to perform Better Man in a working mens club somewhere in Rotherham....

Be warned.... not for the faint hearted!

Kinda wishing he teamed up with Piers Morgan and Lois Walsh on Guy Fawlkes night ;)

Robbie Swings In High Definition

The official Robbie Williams site has announced that Live At The Albert, Robbie's fantastic Swing show at the Albert Hall in 2001, is being re-released in High Definition.

The Blu-ray/HD DVD will contain over 100 minutes of footage, including the Albert Hall show in its entirety. It will also come with a 12-page booklet giving details of the DVD content.

The original DVD sold in excess of 1 million copies, making it one of the biggest selling DVD's ever.

Live At The Albert is available from Monday 3 December 2007 in HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Here is a little reminder of how good Rob is at swing, courtesey of Sly7 on youtube.

See for more information.

Robbie Williams' LA Vale has NOT been disbanded

You couldn't open a newspaper or celebrity gossip site without hearing how Robbie Williams had 'supposed' to have been conned by some of his LA Vale team players and 'scoops' stating the soccer team is no more......
Well that's really odd considering they played their final match of the season a few days ago, and a good few days after this 'tale' emerged. The same season they've come top of the league for......

Plus we've heard from the teams coach, Dean Jacobs, that he's not heard anything of the sort!

The moral of the story........... don't believe the tabloids or digital media........ it's fabricated, mainly negative and not worth the space it's printed on.

Instead of saying how good his team's done they have to put a negative spin on it........ Kinda siding with Heather Mills...... people should not encourage our tabloids...... bring back good old fashioned, well written, well researched journalism!

EMI use 'threat' tactics: Robbie Williams

The music giant behind Robbie Williams has warned it will drop artists who don't work hard enough.

Robbie is one of EMI's biggest stars but EMI has reportedly threatened to withdraw stars' lucrative advances if record sales are disappointing.

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It's Official - Robbie William's LA Vale have won the LAPL!!!


LA Vale waltzed into their last season game needing only to preserve their 20 point season goal differential advantage to snatch the crown.
Although Avanti won the match 2-1, Vale can walk away as the undisputed champs of LAPL XII based on their season long dominance. They join an elite group of teams that can say they have hoisted the famed LAPL crown.

Congratulations to the team from everyone at Pure Robbie

To celebrate LA Vale's victory, members of Pure Robbie have made slideshows of the team's successful season.

Thanks to Louise1823

and thanks to Bonesey

header image courtesey of Susanna

news source

Halloween hotties Brits would most like to bite

With Halloween in mind, The National Lottery ® carried out a survey to see which celebrities the British public would most like to bite or be bitten by :D

Scottish Women would like to bite into:

1. Ewan McGregor

2. Sean Connery

3. Ant and Dec

4. Jonny Wilkinson

5. Tom Jones

Scottish Men would like to bite into:

1. Victoria Beckham

2. Katherine Jenkins

3. Madonna

4. Cheryl Cole

5. Sharon Osbourne

Scottish Women would like to be bitten by:

1. Ewan McGregor

2. David Beckham

3. Colin Firth

4. Robbie Williams

5. Lewis Hamilton

Scottish Men would like to be bitten by:

1. Keira Knightley

2. Kelly Brook

3. Cat Deeley

4. Charlotte Church

5. Kate Moss

The poll of over 2,000 Brits also found throughout the UK that women most want to get bitten by Robbie Williams followed by Ewan McGregor and sexy Mr Darcy – Colin Firth. While men would like Strictly Come Dancing star Kelly Brook to sink her teeth into them, with second choice Keira Knightley and third was Cat Deeley.

thanks to TRWS