X Factor for Robbie Williams?

The Daily Star claims......... POP superstar Robbie Williams is to be an Angel to this year’s X Factor finalists.
As part of his comeback plans this autumn he will help mentor the TV wannabes.Robbie will also perform songs from his long-awaited album Reality Killed The Video Star. The ex-Take That hunk, 35, will pop up on X Factor when the ITV show reaches the live stages of the contest in October. Show supremo Simon Cowell, 49, has decided to theme one of the week’s as Robbie Williams Hits Week.Contestants will have to perform the star’s best songs, including Angels, She’s The One and Let Me Entertain You. Robbie will meet the acts during rehearsals and give them tips on their performances as they prepare for the big Saturday night show. Then fans can enjoy watching him sing his new tracks live. A senior insider said: “This is a massive coup to get Robbie. We’ve had some great acts in the past like Westlife, BeyoncĂ© and Britney come on the show.“But Robbie will be a big ratings puller for us this year.”Robbie is a huge X Factor fan and he has even admitted that he regularly dials up and votes in the contest. The singer said: “I always phone in and vote.“It becomes the most important thing in your life at that moment.“I voted for three or four people on the last X Factor.”However, TV judge Louis Walsh, 57, might shy away from meeting the star. He has said of Robbie in the past: “He’s just a karaoke singer.”

Robbie Willims is Back - New album release dates anounced

Robbie Williams will be releasing his much-anticipated new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, on November 9th, 2009.

Before that, the first single to be released will be Bodies, on October 12th, with the digital version available one day earlier on the 11th.

Robbie Williams is back !!!

2pm Monday 27th July 2009 gmt - Something is happening in the World of Robbie Williams, what it is we dont know, but there's a countdown on RW.com

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Get your facts right Independent ie

Robbie Williams fans correct the national papers again and wonder when good journalism will return to the UK...

This article, published today is the biggest crock of shit we've seen for ages, we just had to correct it

Read http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/take-that-robbie-1750548.html and lol

Here's the correct figures and facts thanks to Pure Robbie member Pitapat

Quoting Pitapat's response and segments of the 'article' ....

Quote article:
"We're a happy band right now," crowed Barlow. "Robbie won't be joining."

Quote Pitapat: Hip Pip Hooray!!!!!!

Quote article:
That's upcoming stadium jaunt has become the fastest selling tour in history, with 700,000 tickets being snapped up in one day.

Quote article:
It was all very different three years ago when tickets went on sale for Williams' 2006 world tour which kicked off in Dublin. In a single day 1.6 million tickets were snapped up by the fans

Quote Pitapat: I thought 1.6 million was more than 700,000, silly me!!!

Quote article:
The streamlined Take That surpassed all expectations when their 2006 comeback album Beautiful World sold over two and a half million copies in the UK alone.

Quote Pitapat: Sold 2.5 million copies!!!!!

Quote Article:
The first signs of crisis for EMI materialised in late 2006 with the release of Williams' album Rudebox.

Quote Pitapat: Sold 5 million copies!!!! Sorry, sorry, I don't even care about Take That, I am happy for their success, but I am so tired of reading this same old, same old.Robbie hurry up and make them eat (or use it for you know what) the paper they print this rubbish on, I think they are bored these so called reporters and are trying to stir the pot!!!!!

Thanks Pitapat for providing the correct figures

www.purerobbie.com get Pure Robbie Williams facts

Robbie Williams' fans

No fans were harmed (or even questioned) in the making of this 'article'

and for the record, the consensus is that Robbie Williams is in fine shape :)