Robbie gets an apology from The Mirror!!!!

Several weeks ago the press was full of stories about how Robbie was supposidly conned out of thousands of pounds by two friends in order that they could set up their own business.

The majority of Robbie fans considered this to be a total fabrication, and it seems that we were right!!

The Mirror has now been forced to apologise to Robbie over the allegations (although it is a shame they couldn't put it on the front page).

They made the following statement today.

"In an article entitled 'Fleeced: Robbie hit by £200,000 con' (31/10/2007) we reported that Robbie had given money to friends after they begged for help in setting up a fashion label but they then blew the cash on partying. Whilst Robbie was asked for cash he never gave or contributed any money to friends or associates to assist them in establishing a fashion label. We are happy to set the record straight."

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