Robbie Williams fans threaten Piers Morgan

Disgraced tabloid journalist and Simon Cowell wannabe Piers Morgan was threatened by a Scottish family of Robbie Williams fans.......

From his diary.......

SUNDAY, August 26

The final indignity. I flew back to London today and required "wheelchair assistance" to and from the plane. This involved wearing a large yellow sticker on my chest at LAX sporting the word "wheelchair" just to reinforce the fact that I was severely disabled. At moments like this you pray you don't see anyone you know – so of course I bumped straight into two top TV executives from my production company. "We must get a photo for Simon," said one, giggling as I ordered my "special assistant" to make a mad wheeled dash to the lift. Flash! He got me, withered and angst-faced. "Oh, Mr Cowell will love this!" i was then dropped by the gate 40 minutes before boarding and left to sit on my own – at the mercy of the Great British Public, which is never a great thing even when able-bodied. Sure enough, within five minutes I was encircled by a large family from Scotland. The mother got straight to the point: "We're big Robbie Williams fans and we saw that nasty thing you wrote about him in your column last week. So we should really kick you off your seat."

daily mail

Piers in pain and threatened...... cant help but smirk at that one :D

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