Robbie Williams 2008 news

As all good Robbie Williams reporters do I got out of bed on this lovely Sunday morning and logged onto the internet in the hope of discovering some google alerts about our main man.... So imagine my joy when I found an inbox full of them.

'Great' I thought.... finally some news on Rob to get my teeth into. One bite later I was already reaching for the sick bucket.

So yeah.... Rob's done an exclusive interview with the lovely Josh Stone, and what do they focus on... his music... no, future of his career.... in LA, footie.... nope...... instead we got more close encounters of the dodgy kind..... that was sooooooo 2006 ;)

Ok, I hit the red cross on all that and open the next alert *wretch* it's a craploid but I give it a go just out of the morbid curiosity that gets the better of me when Rob's name is included and instantly regret doing so... so I hit the red cross and start to wonder what I can add to the blog today....

Perhaps, I thought, I could try to write something witty about these articles to show them for what they are, and then I couldn't be arsed, so I thought a lovely picture of Robbie Williams would be sufficiant.... so off I trotted to the image gallery on to find something delish for our readers to digest, to mop up all that tabloid bile weve had thrown at us and came across a little gem that sums up how I *think* Rob responds to all these media malarky

Only thing is, I'm not sure what caption it would have......... maybe 'talking out of their arses' or 'kiss my hairy' arse.... but I am sure you get the picture

Just incase your morbid curiosity gets the better of you all the latest news and gossip is on our main site, in the Robbie Williams talk section of the forums... and for those who prefer to stay clear, go play in our image and download sections to remind yourself of the talent our man has, as I do believe the tabloids forgot this many years ago!

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