A Pure Robbie Williams moment

We found this little gem of Robbie Williams singing the Showaddywaddy classic, Under the moon of love, on one of our favourite Robbie Williams sites www.therobbiewilliamssite.com (thanks ladies)

By the way...... beware of Robbie mincing across the stage at 2 minutes 40 seconds in....... It made me spit my drink all over my screen!


silvia.huber2 said...

What gorgeous entertainment!

Although I'm no TT-fan (shame on me) in comparison with the "original" Showaddywaddy (you can watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIBnYMltl0U) TT beats the pants off. So much speed and power - a real RW-entertainment! He was 20 at this gig .... I can't understand why nobody at this time saw his extremely phenomenal potential of entertainment!
A compliment to the other TT-members, too: excellent vocal harmony and ultimate perfection!
Hope, you will find some other "early clips" for you!


Robbie Williams Reporter said...

We couldn't agree more Silvia. Thanks for commenting and we'll try to find some more great classic Robbie Williams clips.