Robbie Williams' Rudebox wins Oye Award

Robbie Williams won the award for the Song of the Year in English for "Rudebox".

It was a rough category, he was nominated with Avril Lavigne (Girlfriend), Beyonce & Shakira (Beautiful liar) and Maroon 5 (Makes me Wonder)

This is the 3rd Oye! award for Robbie, he won 2 in 2005: Song of the Year in English (Radio) and Top 100 Seller in English (Greatest Hits)

The Premio Oye! ceremony was on august 23th in Veracruz, México, these awards were created by the National Academy of Music to recognize and support to the best of the discograhic industry in México and at the same time to defend the industry against piracy.

It is one of the must recognized awards in México and many international artists had participated like Sara Brightman, Bon Jovi, Sir Paul McCartney and Robbie Williams

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