Robbie Williams' LA Vale - OR We are the Champions!

News in from David Copeland-Smith from LA Vale (The Robbie Williams soccer team)


Hi Guys

Avanti lost last night to the Cock and Bull, which means that we have won the LA Premier League :)

The only way that we can lose is if Avanti beats us 20-0 :)

Apparently last nights game was a feisty one with a huge brawl breaking out which meant that the referee stopped the game mid way throught the second half with the score 2-0 to C'n'B!!!

Champions LA Vale!!!

I just wanted to say thanks for your support, and that i'm so proud to play for this team that is chock full of good people and a phenomenal chairman!!!

thanks for tuning in :)

David Copeland-Smith

more news...apparently, Haramble have been booted out of the Super Metro for fighting as well. So it looks like we are on course to win that league as well :)


Congratulations to you all, with love,

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