www.purerobbie.com is first class fansite

http://www.purerobbie.com/ the latest fansite devoted to the life and career of Robbie Williams has been voted as the 16th best unofficial fansite on the internet in the BT Digital music awards 2007.

Open a mere 18 months the site recieves about 40,000 visitors and 7,000 members every month who have made a whopping 770,000 posts, articles, interviews and reviews.

The site's also had lots of exclusive interviews with Rob's management, band members and collaborators such as Mark Ronson since it opened its doors last year and I hear alot more is to come in the future too ;)

Fans of Robbie Williams will find all the latest news, gossip, pictures, footie results, articles, interviews, video clips and reviews way before it hits the news stands, and you'll find the truth behind those tabloid tales, so it's the place to be if you love Robbie.

Here's BT's top 200 fansites on the web, check them out, there's some other great Robbie Williams fansites on the list too.

let us know what you think of http://www.purerobbie.com/ by emailing info@purerobbie.com

Big up to the team of staff and reporters who've done Rob proud and one for the members who are the warmest, funniest, crazy bunch of loons I've ever had the pleasure to meet :D

Best Unofficial Music Site Top 200
1. Stop Crying Your Heart Out

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