[2008] Reviews of Robbie Williams New Songs

As a special Christmas gift for his fans Robbie Williams recorded two brand new, straight-out-of-the-studio tracks, recorded especially for the festive season, and one hot-off-the-mixing-desk remix of the Christmas-flavoured Walk This Sleigh. The songs were given as a gift via his official website www.robbiewilliams.com

Here's some comments from fans on the new songs from Robbie Williams.....

Originally Posted by MjWings
It grows on you as the more you hear it ... I also prefer the 'singing' Rob more. (Break America)

Well i've played it to a few people - fans and non fans - and they all gave it a thumbs up. It's great, i love it more and more each time i hear it. Well done Rob! Can't wait to hear what you've come up with for the new album mate (Break America)

I looove it. It does sound like disco. I can see people rollerskating in bellbottoms and hot pants. (In and out of love)

It had me from the start. Love the beat, it just puts me in a good mood.
I may be crazy but I think it might have been part of the Pure Francis tracks, done during the Radio days. It has the same sort of feel to me, in how he talks the lyrics and just the whole feel of it.
This song has Pure Francis written all over it (Break America)

Neither good nor bad (Break America)

This is my favourite I love the Barry White stylie "in and out, in and out". And I love the fact that he actually sings this one (In and out of love)

I just adore this song! It's so rudeboxeous (with "Radio" sound too), and that's a sound I love. The song is delish! I hope the new album has many tracks like this one. (Break America)

Brilliant!!! The song just rocks - love it more and more the more I listen to it. (Break America)

Wasnt too keen on the song at first listen but now I cant stop listening to it!!!! Its great!!! (In and out of love)

The first time I listend to BREAK AMERICA I don't liked it, but the more I listening to it the more I love it. It's a really great song. (Break America)

Ohhhhhhh where am I able to download it already ?
Love this one ..sing it the whole day on my mind
I think it sounds a little bit like RUN DMC ! (Break America)

It´s amazing!!!!Period! (Break America)

Not really my cup of tea this song.Don't like the Barry White -feel to it at all! (In and out of love)

oh gawd.....really not sure.............sounds to much like gary glitter sort of stuff to me i'm afraid............ive got an image in my head of Robbie all dressed up in glam rock clothes and platform boots......love the irony of the lyrics just don't think its gonna grow on me thats all (Break America)

I really like it
Think it's awesome. (Break America)

Sorry but...I dont like it at all! (Break America)

I like it ... its growing on me. Kind of reminds me a bit of Radio .. sort of .. and he sounds a bit like Mick Jagger ... sort of ..(Break America)

My new fave song! it's really great, well done rob, really! (Break America)

Handsome Man
It is AMAZING. Just bloody fantastic.(Break America)

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TraceyDeakin said...

Speaking of Xmas gifts....I'm really annoyed....I'm about to sit down and write a really rude letter to that fat bloke who runs a toy sweatshop manned by dwarfs in the North Pole. I asked for Rob Williams to be stuffed in my stocking this year. I even bought an extra large sack so he'd be comfortable in there. It even had air holes...... It's the third year in a row it's been empty. Nothing. Zippo. Instead it was full of bloody chocolate. I don't NEED more chocolate. I can buy chocolate myself............The old fart is really trying my patience now. I'm giving him one more year to come up with the goods or I'm taking a contract out on his life. Getting me a Steinway won't cut it. The old faggot has to go. Does anyone know the old fart's real address? Or do I just address the envelope "To the Old Fart living at the North Pole"........It's been a long hot day.

Robbie Williams Reporter said...

LOL better luck next year Tracey

TraceyDeakin said...

Thanks. I shouldn't really complain about Christmas...a client gave me a lovely white coffee mug with Rob's picture and the caption..."Jesus loves Robbie Williams and so do I". It was a thankyou gift. It's got a lovely photo and lavender writing. Also got money to put toward inner sanctum sub. So it wasn't too bad afterall. Trace

barons said...

Great song, we wait new album of Robbie, good luck for him.

barons said...

Great song, we wait new album of Robbie, good luck for him.

barons said...

Great song, we wait new album of Robbie, good luck for him.