BBC One and Only - Tony Lewis as Robbie Williams

A pre-final word from The One and Only finalist, and sincere friend of the site, Tony Lewis....

Right you lot, THIS IS IT! We've come so far and we've reached so high..........Sorry, wrong era!

What can I say? Here we are, waiting for the grand final! I'm so privileged to have been part of this! It's been an amazing journey made so much easier and funnier with you lovely people of PR! All's cool here, I'm not feeling any pressure as reaching the final was my goal. However, how cool would it be to rock that stage Robbie style, win this thing, then go and showcase Robbie to Las Vegas?

I've just finished rehearsing and am really happy with how things are going!

My vocals have come on leaps and bounds and I can guarantee no shouting this week! We've got to stay in one outfit throughout so it's going to be the Close Encounter's thing with the luminous orange trim! It's a costume I'm really comfy in and might strip out to the white vest if need be!I can only emphasise just how grateful I am for your support!

Thankyou to Shell for the invite, to Vicky for the interview and heads up (enjoy the show, I'll lookout for the banner), to Rich for his words of wisdom and superfan status, and of course everyone who's contributed to this thread!

There's been so many fantastic posts that I'll always have alot of time for Pure Robbie!


enjoy the show, get voting and have a wicked weekend!You've helped make being The One And Only.... Robbie Williams ace!

Tony Lewis

Good luck , we are all behind you. Have a blast!

Wish Tony luck youself here

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