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What Bloggers Can Learn from Robbie Williams

Published February 14, 2008

I’ve been converted to a Robbie Williams fan recently after watching a DVD of his concert at Knebworth. What We Did Last Summer: Live at Knebworth is one of the best concert DVDs out there. So pick it up or rent it when you can. It’s going to be worth it.

We wrapped up blogging last week in Social Media class, and after watching the DVD close to ten times in a span of two weeks, I was inspired to write about what bloggers can learn from Robbie Williams, as ‘a singer, a songwriter and a born entertainer’. Here it goes.

1. Engage Your Readers - Throughout the concert, Robbie tried to engage the crowd whenever he could. He told stories and he even had a massive karaoke session with the audience when he sang “Strong”. As a blogger, you can engage your readers by posing a question, asking for opinions or by replying to comments to keep the conversation going. ProBlogger advices that “Posting Less Frequently Can Lead to Higher Reader Engagement“.

2. Put 110% - I heard some of the songs in the DVD for the first time but because Robbie put so much effort in the singing and performance of each number, I ended up liking all the new songs. If you put effort into writing every blog entry, then readers will be coming back for more. Neil from Pronet Advertising on how to get more readership/popular through content.

3. Be Real - One of the reasons why Knebworth was a memorable concert is because we saw the real Robbie Williams. He was honest and wasn’t afraid of showing his true self. Being real is what bloggers need to do if they want to build a long term relationship/conversation with their readers. Write to Done says that bloggers should ‘write from the heart’ and ‘reveal’ themselves.

4. Be Passionate - Robbie’s energy on stage comes from his passion for what he does. In this concert especially, it shows through. If you blog about topics that you’re passionate about, then your readers are likely to enjoy and benefit from your writing. Here’s a good article from Blog Herald about passion and blogging.

5. Say Thanks - Robbie Williams wouldn’t be who he is now if his fans did not buy his records. At Knebworth, he showed how much he appreciated how his fans stayed with him throughout his career. Blogging relations is about the act of reciprocity. If you get mentioned in a another blog or receive a comment, leaving a simple ‘Thank You’ note will go a long way. NorthxEast provides 15 ways to thank your loyal readers.

As a give-away, here’s my one of my favorite songs from the DVD. I think it also is a good representation of the tips above. Enjoy! (Although YouTube doesn’t do justice. Buy the HD DVD.)

You can read the blog and also view the clip of Come Undone HERE

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