Misquote in the press

In an article in the Manchester Evening News over the weekend, Tony Lewis was quoted as saying...."I've had great support from Robbie fans, and in particular the Pure Robbie fansite."I've even been told that Robbie has actually been watching from the woman who runs the website and knows Robbie's people in Hollywood."

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I can only apologise for these 'quotes'! I can honestly say that is not what I said. The interviewer asked what if I thought Robbie was watching and I replied that I presumed he knew about it as I know he likes to google himself! I mentioned that you had invited me to join PR and everyone had been amazingly supportive and said that IF Robbie Williams was watching, he would be proud!

PureRobbie.com would like to express to its members that the site is run by fans for fans and we are not officially connected to Robbie Williams or his management, nor do we act as his spokesperson. Yet again the press has misquoted what someone has actually said.

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