Is Robbie Williams Watching Boxing & Performing?

Interesting piece on Robbie from a boxing article in todays Express.

Raises two questions;

1. What show in New York last week?

2. Will Robbie Knock Noel Gallagher out?


Hatton at a Vegas promotion for his fight against Castillo

"The sports world will be there in abundance on June 23 in the form of about half the England team, while Robbie Williams has now asked for a ringside seat alongside Noel Gallagher. I just hope they don’t end up sparring!

I didn’t attend Robbie’s New York show last week despite an invitation from the promoter, Bob Arum. I had too much work on, but there will be plenty of time for enjoying myself at the Las Vegas after-show party where I intend to challenge Robbie to a singing duel. "

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