Robbie Williams - Viva Life after Rehab

Monday, 13th February 2007, a day that will be remembered by Robbie fans everywhere. It was with anticipation that most fans logged on to their PC, switched on their TV or bought a newspaper, It was the day before the Brits Awards, Robbie’s 33rd Birthday. Instead of the expected Birthday celebrations or speculation about whether he would apear at the awards ceremony, what greeted the fans was a one line statement from IE music:

'Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in for his dependency on prescription drugs. There will be no further comment'.

To some, this came as no surprise, Robbie had been photographed a few days earlier, clearly looking tired and unhappy. An exhausting world tour had left its mark.

The tabloid press had a field day with this information; front page headlines filled the newsstands, speculation was rife, was this a publicity stunt ? Robbies true fans knew better than to believe what was written in the press, get well wishes poured on to websites, letters arrived at the offices of a Staffordshire newspaper, the support was amazing.
A few weeks later Robbie was back at his home in LA, again speculation grew… was it too soon?

Robbie was suddenly out and about again, nightclubbing, attending Fashion shows, not a day in March 2007 went by without photo’s of his latest outing appearing on the Internet. Some fans were worried that Rob was overdoing things

As time passed Rob seemed to be spending his days in the company of his good friends, looking less tired and drawn, he appeared to be having fun. Again speculation was the game of the press, he was linked with various women, the press reporting each one to be in a relationship with him.

By April 2007 Robbie was again enjoying his first love – Football. News of a match in Iowa reached the purerobbie site… this was a chance for fans to see for themselves how he was doing. Excitement grew and the big day came, the U.S. purerobbie members reported back that although he didn’t play due to injury, he was looking good, and up to his usual antics (trouser dropping to name just one)

Last month saw a very active Robbie, jogging, cycling, walking his dogs. Clearly, a fitness regime is part of his daily routine now that he is back on the team.

This week has revealed picture of the Robbie we know and love.. defiant, cheeky and looking hot ! The possibility/speculation that a new album will be released in September has been welcomed by fans world wide.. Did rehab work for Rob? Only Rob can and should answer that - but judging by this recent photo, I think we can assume that Rob’s answer to the press means that just maybe it did! Welcome back Robbie, we never doubted you.

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Great story Foxy, you captured it all quite well