Jennifer Aniston's new man had ruck with Robbie Williams

Jennifer Aniston's new bo, Paul Sculfor from the UK has had his sordid past come and bite him today as The News of the World dishes the dirt.
In the late 90's when he was working as a model in London, after winning a competition, he developed a £450 cocaine habit and partied with the likes of Kate Moss and Robbie Williams.
Paul was allededly insulted by Robbie and seeked revenge by attempting to sleep with his then Girlfriend, Nicole Appleton of the band All Saints.
According to the News of the World,
"He became friendly with All Saints at the height of their success in 1999 and was desperate to bed their singer Nicole Appleton in revenge at her boyfriend at the time, Robbie Williams. Robbie had been rude to Paul so he thought having sex with his girlfriend would get up his nose. He planned to make his move but on the night took so much cocaine he didn't know what he was doing and ended up with Shaznay. He woke up and couldn't believe it. He is obsessed with dating celebrities. He was engaged to Lisa Snowdon, who dumped him for cheating on her, and dated DJ Lisa I'Anson and Victoria Hervey."

We don't know why the News of the World decided to dish the dirt from the 90's, we all have pasts, even journalists... i think. But we do find it funny that they always drag Rob's and Kate Moss' names into stories about cocaine.... didn't anyone else use it back then or do they just sell more copies?

Jennifer Aniston is big enough and beautiful enough to make her own choices.

Good luck to the pair of you

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