Rankin on Robbie Williams Shoot

He has captured some of the most iconic moments of a generation. Now, as a book is launched to celebrate his work, world-famous photographer Rankin gives a peek at what's inside - and reveals the stories behind the snaps he took of Robbie Williams and other celebrities.

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I did this shot with Time Out's art director. We photographed Robbie in the studio, cut him out to life size, then put him in the middle of a lake in the New Forest. Robbie is bigger than life; a fascinating character who doesn't get all 'celebrity' on you, even though he's massive.He's the kind of guy you'd travel round the world to work with, and the people around him are genuine and understand my art.A few celebrities wouldn't let me put photos in the book because they were going through an image change or they didn't like it. But why would you stop me, when there are a million paparazzi photos of you looking like a dog?

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