Robbie Williams' LA Vale match report

LA Vale won, but I am not sure of the score! They have a scoreboard but I guess they don't use it. I lost track of the goals. First off I want to say Santiago Cabrera is amazing to watch play. He did a great job and was so into it. Rob was captain for most of the game, he came out about 15 minutes before the game ended and then it looked like Jonny became captain.

Ollie also played for a bit.I had a great time at the game. Alot of it had to do with the fans that were there and the tag-alongs (which is what we called the friends that came along). There were about 4 fans where I was sitting, and I was the only American.When the team first got there they were standing right in front of us, but when Robbie got there he asked them all to move to the other side. It seemed a very different atmosphere than what the Iowa game sounded like.

He was definitely concentrating on the game and had no interaction with the fans. All the fans in my area were very respectful, no yelling to him or anything disruptive that I could see. A few of the women went to the other side to ask if they could have an autograph, but they were turned away. There were some taking pictures of Rob playing, but security came over and asked that no pictures be taken. As soon as the game was over Rob left the field with the security guy. We thought that was that. However, as I was getting into my car I saw a little crowd gathering. I went to take a look and Rob was there chatting with some of the people. I thought that was nice. I didn't stick around, but some of the people we were sitting near were waiting to say hi. I was really glad the one fan had a chance to meet him because when he came onto the field she turned to look at him and got hit in the face with a ball.

Max Beasley was there and he took pictures with one of the girls. He seemed really sweet and is very handsome in person. Fred Serra got hit in the crotch and was doubled over. Dean Jacobs came over to check on him and then turned to us and asked if anyone would volunteer to rub it for him All in all it was alot of fun and I will try and make it to another game.

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