All-Star Album for Robbie Williams?

More speculation and gossip about Rob's next release, today coming from The Sun who claim that besides collaborating with Guy Chambers, The Smith's bassist Andy Rourke, New Order's Peter Hook and The Stone Roses Mani, Rob is also planning collaborations with Justin Timberlake and working with the likes of Mark Ronson, Soul Mekanik and William Orbit again.

Of course this has already started a negative response online from such celebrity bloggers as the No Rock & Roll Fun guys who say he's having to get the hot stars in as his own career is failing blar de blar blar blar.... didn't see that one coming (rolls eyes) We'd expect much more originality and creativity from Rock and Roll fun but jumping on the 'Robbie Williams career is in decline' wagon seems to be the easiest option these days. (don't you just love how the British media love to ruin people)

Maybe a little research into Rudebox's worldwide sales would change their minds as it knocked spots off those 'stars' he's so desperately clinging on to.....not to mention the last tours statistics, or the size of his fanbase.......

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