Robbie Williams future is looking bright says Psychic Linda Preston


Professional psychic and writer of paranormal stories, Linda Preston, has kindly written Robbie Williams chart and consulted the tarot to give Pure Robbie members a peek into Rob's 'possible' future.

Linda Preston lives in the N.W. of the UK and works as a professional psychic & writer of paranormal articles. Her work has been featured positively in many national publications and she is a frequent expert guest on various radio shows. She can be contacted for psychic readings or queries at her website

Here's what Linda has to say about Rob and a few predictions for his future....

Robbie's birth date February 13th 1974, makes his sun sign Aquarius. With a Sun/Jupiter conjunction he was never destined for obscurity. Certain aspects of his chart, however, indicate a conflict between a great need to be noticed and a strong desire for privacy.

In keeping with most other Aquarians he is a very complex character indeed!The position of the Moon in Scorpio at his time of birth means that Robbie is also intensely emotional and can be obsessive and stubborn at times. It is also indicative of someone who is highly strung and filled with nervous energy.

Astrologically, Aquarians are always seen as natural rebels with a strong dislike of restraint of any kind. They are hypersensitive to rules and are often seen to resist them in a very public way.

With his strong need to communicate on a grand scale, if Robbie hadn't found success in music he would have found an outlet for his creative talents in other fields related to the media, i.e. radio, photography, film etc.

With his powerful leadership qualities it is always necessary for him to be charge of his own destiny. He may listen carefully to the advice of others but in the end he follows his own individual path in life. Despite his rebellious streak, in keeping with many Aquarians he has a deeply humanitarian quality to his nature.

He cannot bear to see suffering and he will give generously of his time and money to help. Often he can be generous to a fault to those he cares about.Romantically, as an Aquarian, whilst he has a need for security - commitment is always a big issue for him.

He may fall in love quickly but equally fall out of love just as fast. He is always interested in a woman who is unique in looks or personality.

His chart indicates an unconscious deep desire to be mothered and looked after. He might be seen out with glamorous models and actresses but he's just an old fashioned boy at heart who longs for a girl with traditional home making skills.


I have consulted my trusted Tarot cards for a quick peep into Robbie's future and I'm pleased to see that his path ahead seems less emotionally fraught than over the last few years.Robbie at times seems a bit fed up and often preoccupied with the past and finds it hard to let go of past hurts. However, there now seems to be an acceptance that the past cannot be changed -so he is beginning a long period of rebuilding his life.I predict an interesting twelve months ahead for his career. I feel that a change of style will win new respect from the music press.

I also feel that he will collaborate closely on an album or single with an established artist which could bring a surprising hit.By autumn we will be seeing a more decisive Robbie, filled with renewed energy and making decisions that will affect his life for several years to come. Around this period he may be seen house hunting in the UK.With regard to his personal life - I sense intense speculation before the year is out and there may be signs that he is about to make an announcement regarding a blonde female. I also feel a very positive link with a Germanic country that could bring him much personal happiness.

The Tarot is suggesting that we might see Robbie in the company of a famous racing driver and possibly taking a super fast vehicle for a spin around the race tracks. Robbie needs to take care of his joints - an injury to his ankle or his lower leg could plague him for several weeks to come - if great care is not exercised.

Additionally I feel Robbie will become involved in helping promote some educational issue - for children with disabilities.

For Robbie I'm confident the best is yet to come.
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