Robbie Williams fans do not fear for his mental health!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear UK tabloid journalists are at it again, creating drama where there clearly isn't any.....and i use the word 'journalist' lightly.

Today's offering comes from The Mirror who claim Rob's fans fear for his mental health because of a 'bizarre' blog posted on his official website last week (we promoted it a few days ago, the one where he sings a section from a new song called Bodies) No doubt more craploids will pick up on this invented 'episode' soon to spread these lies further a field.....

Well if you read the thread here on Pure Robbie, which to date has had 147 comments from fans discussing this blog, i doubt you will find any fan fearing for his mental health, infact it is all very positive.

The 'article' also claims fans were disturbed by Rob discussing visiting Dean Martin's grave in a previous blog.... but they wernt because they know it was all dramatized and what Rob said was perfectly normal..... he wanted to pay his respect... what the hell is disturbing about that? Oh i know.... a celebrity with morals must be a rare in the land of journalists. Perhaps they should stop projecting their personas on the ones they write about and take a look at the bigger picture.

Celebrities entertain, perform, produce, act, help charities..... on the downside they have to contend with the tabloids invading their privacy and publishing lies.... and that's the most disturbing thing surrounding them.

If you're a disturbed fan (lol) fearing for Rob's mental health let us know......

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Mary-Ann said...

we should fear for tabloid/journalist mental health!
LOL x)