Robbie Williams LA Vale Soccer Team is Going National


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They are currently sitting on top of the LA Premier League in LA, with a string of victorious games behind them, but now LA Vale are taking another step forward as they join the Super Metro League.

The team will be state affiliated in the Summer/Autumn later this year, which means that they will be able to participate state wide (and potentially national) competitions.

The Super Metro League is part of the City of Los Angeles Municipal Sports Soccer Program and has been in existence since the 1940's. There are currenty nine open divisions playing on a Sunday, which is when LA Vale will take to the pitch, and games take place in a number of locations across the city. From the synthetic fields of Griffith Park, Mar Vista and Taylor Yard, to the grass fields of John Ferraro Complex, Balboa Recreation Centre, North Hollywood Rec, Stoner Rec and Penmar, over 100 teams particpate in the program, each of which are allowed to play with a team of 22 players.

LA Vale have already played a friendly against San Pedro Sula prior to the league matches, and if you log into the Inner Sanctum and hed over to Features Latest you can read the full match report.
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