Neil Taylor, Robbie Williams guitarist, Arrested!!!

A GANG of desperate criminals will be arrested in Bradford on Avon tomorrow morning.

The gang, who are behind an operation to raise money for the Royal United Hospital's Space to Grow campaign, will be detained amid chaotic scenes.

The nine gang members include Robbie Williams' guitarist Neil Taylor, Ben Broadbent and Kate James from Kingston's and Davies and Davies estate agents, Helen Stimpson, a residential warden at Aldhelm Court and publican Irene Parr, who runs the Canal Tavern.

The felons will be arrested by Pc Martin Barrett and Steve McGlynn and taken to The Swan Hotel, where they will be imprisoned until they can raise enough bail money for their release.All the money raised goes towards the Forever Friends campaign, which aims to raise £4.5m for a new neonatal unit at the RUH.

Those who don't raise enough bail money will be moved onto the lock-up on the town bridge, which is being opened by the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust for the event.

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