Fans questions answered by Robbie Williams

Reports are coming in from fans from the latest LA Vale game where fans were given a fantastic treat as Rob popped over to answer some of questions.

Cali's amazing report can be read here at Kelly's blog Robbie Williams Journey courtesy of cali and Fans-Supreme

Key questions answered:

1. He's on the sidelines as he has an injured knee and ribs (3 months out)

2. No swing in Vegas & in fact no concerts planned in the near future at all but he is very excited about his new stuff. He does not want to repeat the Swing album and is doing something similar.

3. Tabloid garbage about the Bodies blog and Brandon Flowers all bullshit (but we knew that ;) )

4. Rob on how the tabloids lies affect him "he isn’t that bothered by it anymore" *quote cali

5. He knows about issues with his site and is working to make it more user friendly

6. He is glad fansites can post and discuss the good and bad articles about him as the official one cant

7. The LA Vale games are his downtime and he does not wish to sign autographs and pose for pictures - (please respect this!)

8. Alot of plans for the LA Vale team including expansion

Here's a report from BritLuver @ on the match

I was lucky enough to be there too! I'm still pinching myself right now. The whole experience was so surreal.Not only does Cali write such a thorough report, she's also a great cheerleader and "wave" starter! There's very little left for me to add except for this one important bit - ROBBIE MENTIONED PURE ROBBIE during the same time that he mentioned Fan Supreme! How great is that! I was so impressed at how friendly, warm and genuinely interested he was in his fans, even taking the time to ask us where we were from. I thought I was going to be tongue-tied and not be able to say a word to him. But he really made us all feel comfortable that I was surprised to find myself talking to him as well. He is such a nice and lovable guy. He also seemed comfortable enough that he stopped 2 more times during the game for a few minutes each time. The first time was when he told us about the second team he's forming, made up of players of different ages. The second time was when he walked by and some of the girls commented that he looked great and gorgeous. That's when he showed us his Calvins. After the game, there were a few of us left, hanging out just outside the building, next to the pathway that leads to his bus. We were just standing there, looking at him and keeping our distance. To my surprise, he came over again while he was smoking a cigarette and talked to us some more. Then, he waved us us, smiled, said "Good night girls!" and left. And I'm still in Cloud 9!

The match commentary can also be found on Kelly's blog and Fans-Supreme courtesy of Cali

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