David Beckham & Robbie Williams plan celebrity soccer match

Robbie Williams v David Beckham, You couldn't invent such a pairing if you tried...

Rob and David have worked together many times over the years as Unicef embassadors, soccer aid, Live 8 and have developed a great friendship leading to Rob singing with James Brown at the Beckhams World Cup bash last year (footage of this has never been released... release it for the love of god!) and David introducing Rob at the massive Live 8 event in 2005.

Their friendship goes back years, right to the 90's where the Spice Girls and Take That dominated the charts and the tabloids....and David was hardly out of his soccer training pants...

The pair share a passion for soccer and now it seems they'll meet on the pitch, on opposing sides as LA Galaxy take on Rob's celebrity soccer team LA Vale in an upcoming charity match.

According to starpulse.com (who?)....

"Soccer ace David Beckham has challenged pop superstar Robbie Williams to a charity showdown. The former England captain, who has just moved from Real Madrid to L.A Galaxy, has asked his new bosses if they would let the team play LA Vale - a celebrity squad headed up by Williams. Beckham hopes the match will be broadcast worldwide and raise millions for charity. He says, "I'm not sure if we are allowed but we will see."

Although the source is unreliable we've all got our fingers crossed this is being planned.... shorts...legs...shorts...sweat....shorts.....legs........... oh and soccer of course :D

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